Game Show Royale

"Game Show Royale" is a great way to give you a complete game show backdrop for your private or work related event. Performed on our full set, with lights, music, buzzer system, game show display boards, and sound effects, your guests will enjoy the nostalgia and atmosphere of being on an actual game show!

First, the audience is grouped into teams. Two hosts will lead the crowd through four trivia rounds of 5 questions.  Each trivia round has its own topic.  Every trivia round is followed by a game show "bonus" round where winning trivia teams are asked to come up to the stage to take part in the bonus round.
Bonus rounds are played in the style of Name That Tune, The Price is Right, $10,000 Pyramid, Tic Tac Dough, Jeopardy and the ever popular, Family Feud!

Let us handle the questions and topics, or you can customize the show to personalize your event!  You can pick the trivia themes and the game shows that suit your guests.  You can even supply trivia questions that promote your brand.  And with our à la carte menu, you can add all sorts of bells and whistles to tailor the show to further enhance your experience.

This show includes:
12 to 60 people
Approximately 120 minutes
2 professional hosts
1 technician
4 trivia rounds of 5 questions each
4 game show bonus rounds
sound effects / music / microphone system
fun background
game show props / set pieces
5-person lock-out buzzer system
you supply all prizes

à la carte menu
- order even more fun items to customize your show!